Culinary is as old as man. Already the first people were aware that life, but also health, depend on food. They quickly became acquainted with the fact that food can offer a lot of pleasure to man. Feast prepared after sacrificial customs are considered to be the beginning of culinary art, dating back to the early beginnings of civilization. In honor of the gods, whole animals have been burned and offered as sacrifices. Over the years, the principle changed, so only part of them was offered, while the rest would eat the participants of the sacred ritual. Over the course of a century, they were almost the only source of fatty food, so sacrifices were reasonably true celebrations.

Studying history has helped us to consider more accurately the development of culinary arts, from the types of used foods, the way of preparation and serving, to the information about making culinary accessories of different materials, which have changed with the development of technology. One of the most valuable archaeological finds, which helps to create an overall picture of the development of culinary art, is earthy or clay pot. It tells us about the degree of development of particular peoples or groups from the same historical period.

All localizations are explained in the Dictionary of expression related to the kitchen, at the end.

The ethnological research of making, decorating, the shape and the size of pots show their usefulness and purpose. It was precisely the clay pot, with the pan, which was the most common culinary equipment used in the area of today's Makarska littoral, and studying their use there was a series of information about their behavior, not only in the kitchen but also outside. There are also numerous recipes for traditional dishes, that will be presented in chronological order of the seasons and holidays.


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