Meet Biokovo.

A mountain that emerges from the sea offering from its tips and gazebos unforgettable panoramic views of the Makarska Riviera and the areas around Biokovo.  Other than its position, Biokovo is also unique because of its geomorphology and its biological diversity, which were the main reasons the Biokovo Mountain was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1981.


Biokovo is a part of the Dinaric Mountains and as such has a direction of NW-SE.  The material in the lower parts towards the sea and on the opposite Zagorje side is mainly made up of Eocene Flysch sediments, while the higher parts are shaped into carbonate sedimentary rocks.

The vegetation of the mountain Biokovo is very interesting and rich.  It is an apparent mixture of different floral elements. Here the oldest Mediterranean, Boreal and Central European floral elements are mixing. Illyrian-Mediterranean plants dminate, while the share of Alpine plants is significantly reduced, so Biokovo in the plant-geographical terms should be included in a special Balkan-Apennine region, the Balkan character (according to Kušan, 1969).

It is known that plants are the basis of biological diversity.  They are the habitat of animals and a food source to animals and humans, so we can say that without plants, there is no life.  It is therefore extremely important that we get to know them so that we can better protect and preserve them.

Based on previous research it can be concluded that the fauna of Biokovo is distinctive and varied although, unfortunately, still insufficiently explored. In the area of Biokovo there was a large number of endemic and tertiary relicts due to the fact that it is situated in a part of Europe which during the tertiary was not largely affected by glaciation.

The cultural heritage of Biokovo has long been recognized as a value in which one should invest, protect and preserve. In the area of the Biokovo Nature Park are numerous traces indicating the former coexistence of man and mountain. Today talk about the life of past times, the customs and ways the population adapted to the conditions of life on this beautiful and rugged mountain, and the first notes on cultural property and natural resources of this region was made by Alberto Fortis in the late 18th century.

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